Fonta Santa BACK


2 km from the start of the section Cercal do Alentejo » S. Luís, is a blue trimmed shrine at the edge of the path. It is one of the many sacred springs, whose water is believed to have regenerating and curative capacities, of very ancient tradition which have been assimilated into Christianity. 

According to legend, on this site there was a mark on the rock, as if made by a human footprint. From here there sprung a copious fountain which fed the stream that ran close to the village of Cercal and branched out to the river of Campilhas.

It is said that the water cured numerous diseases in people and animals, so people flocked here to drink or bathe. A chapel was built above the site, which contained the image of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, where a fiesta was held annually on April 15.