A hiking diary from DestinAsian

"An ancient pilgrimage trail in southwest Portugal is now the basis for one of Europe’s most scenic walks."


The initial sentence of Leisa's travel diary, from which we meet Rota Vicentina through its history and a detailed, colorful personal experience.

"Continuing south the next morning, we troop past scenes of rural life that seem so idyllic they almost look staged: wheat fields bordered by yellow and red wildflowers; backyard farmers tending to orange trees bursting with fruit; spring grass being cut for silage."

Leisa and her husband decided to combine the Fishermen's Trail and Historical Way for a 12-day walk. Their journey started in the historical town of Santiago do Cacém and ended in the Southwestern point of Europe, in Cabo de São Vicente, where the air is "bewitching, almost mystical".

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