Countryside Culture - Condé Nast Traveler

Once again, the renowned tourism magazine Condé Nast Traveler gives a special highlight to Rota Vicentina.


And this is how the trip begins: "With more than 400 kilometers, this route promotes rural tourism, sustainability, Alentejo culture and traditions, as well as tourism out of season. We can not think of a better way to celebrate the arrival of autumn than being stuck in the beauties of this mainly rural area and in full contact with nature. Are you coming?”

And so we went.

The journey of the Spanish journalists was slow, as slow tourism should be, enjoying and savoring every step of the way and stopping when on the emotion or the senses demanded it. Fishermen’s Trail, Historical Way, horse riding, landscapes and gastronomy created unforgettable moments, complemented by the presentation of a project of several experiences of contact with the community and culture of the Alentejo coast, that Rota Vicentina intends to implement in 2018.

Arrátel was the experience shown by Odete, "a singular woman who, having spent most of her life in the city of Lisbon, decided a few years ago to return to her home in the country. Far from any village, her home is a witness to how it all was 300 years ago. She preserves instruments and tools that were used to fish, a mill where her parents kneaded bread and even a typical school of the time", describes the journalist Macarena Escriva.

The artist Madalena Vitorino is in charge of the preparation of these Cultural Tourism products, as they are part of the projects "Internationalization of the Natural Resource Potential of Alentejo and Southwest Alentejo for Active Tourism”, financed by the Alentejo 2020 program, and" Between the Serra and the Sea – Rota Vicentina as a Road to the Valorization of the SW of Portugal ", financed by Turismo de Portugal, within the scope of the Program to Support Valorization and Destination Qualification - VALORIZAR.

This was only a first step in the presentation of one of the new products that Rota Vicentina plans to make available in 2018. More news very soon.

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