"Fall in Love with this Land " wins 2nd place in Berlin!

Rota Vicentina's video "Fall in Love with this Land " has just won second place in the Eco Tourism category, in the International Multimedia Tourism competition, Golden City Gate, which took place during the ITB fair in Berlin! We are very proud!

More than promoting the Rota Vicentina project, this video requires a reflection on Sustainable Tourism and the defense of the cultural and natural heritage of each destination. In an era of democratization of tourism, it is essential to assess the contribution that this market brings and above all the contribution that it should bring.

The Golden City Gate competition annually awards multimedia projects dedicated to tourism, and this year is already in its 18th edition. The awards ceremony takes place during the ITB tourism fair in Berlin, Germany, and the works in competition are scored by an international jury in different categories.

Watch the video "Fall in Love with this Land" here