Recovering a collective memory - La Cosmopolilla

Spanish blogger Patricia Rojas travels and describes her discoveries since 2013 on the website La Cosmopolilla. She recently walked along Rota Vicentina and her description in the first person is full of personal feelings where we recognise ourselves in every glimpse.


Patricia does not deny the sense of freedom of the walk and ensures that the Alentejo Coast is one of Portugal's best kept secrets, away from cities such as Lisbon or Porto, and the golden beaches of the Algarve. She knows Portugal well, and so her enchantment with the Alentejo Coast is even deeper. Bewitched by the landscapes, the sensations, the smells and the flavors embedded in the seafood rice or the octopus salad, she confesses that this destination is dedicated to the lover of the simple and genuine things. And proof of this is her description of "projects that are being developed to recover the collective memory of the Alentejo people and integrate the cultural, artistic and human side of the landscape". During her trip, the blogger experienced the Arrátel, a cultural product that is part of a project of several experiences of contact with the community and culture of the Alentejo coast, that will be implemented by Rota Vicentina in 2018.

The Arrátel begins by a journey in time, with a visit to a old family home where things are kept as they were in the nineteenth century. The milling, the family house, the animals that lived in the house, the oven, the school, the store and the objects, the clothes that were used, are still all there.

These products are included in the projects "Internationalization of the Natural Resource Potential of Alentejo and Southwest Alentejo for Active Tourism”, financed by the Alentejo 2020 program, and   "Between Serra and the Sea – Rota Vicentina as a Valorization of the SW of Portugal ", financed by Turismo de Portugal, within the scope of the Program to Support the Valorisation and Qualification of the Destination - VALORIZAR.

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