Rota Vicentina will participate in the Nature Tourism Biennial in Aljezur (BTN’19)

Several activities have been prepared on the topics of sustainable tourism and control of invasive species to be presented during the three-day event for tourism professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers and other interest groups.

The Nature Tourism Biennial (BTN’19) is organised by Vicentina - the Association for the Development of the South-West with the complex notion of Sustainability as the biennial’s motto and key topic. This is the second time the village of Aljezur hosts the event; and Rota Vicentina is proud to be among the participants again.
With the clear mission to promote sustainable tourism opportunities while providing support to local economy and small businesses, Rota Vicentina will share its experience on the development, maintenance and monitoring results of the existing trail network. We will also take the chance to promote the new hiking routes and the MTB network system opening this spring, as well as the cultural tourism in the region.
As part of their LIFE VOLUNTARY ESCAPES project, the Rota Vicentina volunteers will present, at the stand, information and educational activities about the expansion of invasive plants in SW Portugal, their impact on biodiversity and techniques of removing the invasive species.
The project LIFE VOLUNTARY ESCAPES is funded by the European Solidarity Corps initiative and the activities have been developed with the support of
The Nature Tourism Biennial will take place at the Aljezur Multiuse Centre from the 22nd to 24th of February, 2019. In parallel, Rota Vicentina plans to organise an 8 km long maintenance hike from Rogil to Aljezur on the 23rd of February, 2019.