The sea at your feet - Bijzonder Plekje

The Dutch travel site Bijzonder Plekje, which, translated to Portuguese, means Special Places, once again elects the Alentejo as a must for travel lovers giving a piece of advice to those who choose this destination: "Combine your trip along the coast with an inner journey ".


The Rota Vicentina is one of the highlights of the suggested route, and the journalist Marleen Brekelmans guarantees that "all you hear is the noise of the sea beneath you, the wind and the birds. The rest is silence. From time to time you will only see a fisherman on the rocks, beautiful flowers and plants".

To rest, and settle down, Marleen suggests an overnight at Três Marias, in the interior of Vila Nova de Milfontes. "Imagine: there is no pool, it is remote and there are few activities. That's exactly the charm. Along with the beautiful interior, the atmosphere and the excellent cuisine".

The Dutch journalist confesses that the Alentejo and Vicentina Coast will not only enchant lovers of peace, beach and nature. "Outdoors lovers can also enjoy surfing, canoeing, horse riding, hiking or biking. And this in combination with a special place to stay, culinary delights and good wine. How nice!".  

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