In this area you’ll find all of the taxis and transfers part of the Rota Vicentina network, that will allow you to to enjoy the region worry free and with greater flexibility.

Whether you need transport between any two villages on the route, from the trail to your accommodation, back to the start of the day’s walk where you’ve left your car, luggage transfer, head to the nearest train station, to cross the river Mira, or to Lisbon or Faro airport, you can rely on the project’s transport partners and have as reference the Rota Vicentina Distance Table we’ve prepared for you.

The cost of the taxi service is approximately 1€/km (including already the return of the taxi to the point of departure), so all you need is to take a look at the table to have an idea of how much will cost the desired taxi service, to reach the conclusion that is not that expensive to not use the car while doing the route.

Need a taxi?

Book the service ahead and contact the closest taxi.
Tolls are paid by the customer.
Higher rates during weekends, night time and public holidays.
Whenever the taxi has to wait, the taxi meter continuous to count.